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WALLETO.com is based in Bangladesh and a project of MCC Ltd. Its goal is to bring online shopping and online financial transactions to people and businesses in Bangladesh. We are committing ourselves to help you broaden the horizons of your initiative. Through WALLETO you will be able to integrate your website with our payment gateway and begin conducting work far more conveniently than you are now. If you do not already have a website online, we will help you create one because we are here to make this process both profitable and easy for you.

MCC Ltd. is an award-winning commercial organization specialized in providing software based solutions and multimedia materials in every form. We provide our services to clients all over the world and lead two other media projects, Lemon24 and Write3 .

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BDT 2000/Month
  • Walleto License (One-Time) :BDT 10,000
  • Transaction Commission for VISA Cards :4%
  • Transaction Commission for MasterCard Cards :4%
  • Transaction Commission for BRAC Bank Debit Cards :4%
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Find out what happens after you swipe your plastic with this animation showing the complex, multi-party operation that is -- credit card processing.
Courtesy by: CreditCards.com

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A payment Gateway is an e-commerce service provider that permits merchants to receive secure credit card transactions over the Internet. This is a system that accepts, authenticates and processes transactions for the merchant from the customers. The most well known methods of transaction that are accepted through payment gateways are-

-- Credit Cards
-- Debit cards
-- Internet Baking
-- Mobile Banking
Walleto offers a broad, simple and secure online payment gateway service and e-business solutions to websites, with real time credit card transaction validation. Walleto allows websites to receive and manage online payments.
No. The merchant does not need a separate bank account. All the transactions will be transferred to the merchant’s existing bank account, which will be mentioned in the application form.
The business categories that are not accepted by Wallteo, are as follows:

--Adult sites
--Internet Casinos
--Lottery Tickets
--Sending of Money/Cash Advances
--Services that are prohibited by law and card associations
You can go to “Get Started” page and fill up the form electronically.
Currently Walleto processes the following payment options:

#Credit Cards - MasterCard, Visa
#Debit Cards - MasterCard, Visa
#Net Banking Options - BRAC Bank Cards & Account Holders
No. Merchants can sell their products and services internationally.
Walleto is a one-stop solution for online payments and services. On a single platform Walleto offers a huge range of payment options. It has different options and pricing models to meet all kinds of business models. Walleto offers all kinds of e-commerce solutions. It provides detailed MIS reports for merchants to manage transactions and to run their e-commerce based businesses smoothly.
When the application form is submitted a member of Walleto team will get in touch with the applicant about the approval status.
Depending on the approval of the transaction the authorization process takes about 3 to 7 seconds from the time the customer clicks the ‘purchase’ button to the time the customer and the merchant receive authorization.
The merchant’s business name will appear after “Walleto” on the customer’s billing statement, which will add value to the merchants brand and prevent possibilities of chargeback.
All the transactions processed by Credit Card through Walleto are always presented to the merchant in the "Preauthorization" mode which means that the merchant is guaranteed that the customer's card is good / credit worthy for the amount of that transaction for the next 7 days. During this period of 7 days the merchant has to perform any one of the following actions.

a) He may decide not to fulfill the order and mark it as cancelled.
b) After arriving at a consensus with the buyer decide to ship part of the ordered goods and claim only an amount equal to the shipped order.
c) Ship all of the ordered goods and claim the entire value of the transaction.

If the merchant is confident of shipping the goods within the time he may go ahead and capture the amount within 7 days (as this is the time the transaction can be authorized or after it stands automatically cancelled) and subsequently ship the goods. If the merchant subsequently fails to do this and wishes to refund the amount, the charge of the requisite TDR will have to be borne for the gateway usage.
If the bank and Walleto’s risk team approve the transaction, the amount will be transferred within 48 hours after deducting the Transaction Commission and Tax. (Applies to MasterCard and Visa transactions with the bank).
When the transaction occurs the merchant will receive a notification on his website with a link to log in to the account to manage the orders and transactions. The merchant will be given a console from where it will be possible to manage all the transactions and view reports.
In order to check status of orders or a particular order the merchant can log in to the provided admin module. The log in details will be provided to the merchant as soon as the merchant’s account is activated.
A comprehensive MIS report can be downloaded from the admin module that can help the merchant to keep track of the orders and manage transactions. These reports consist of a list of Authorized Transactions, Pre-Authorized Transactions, Failed Transactions, Flagged Transactions, and Settled Transactions.
A chargeback is a refund system by a cardholder’s credit card company. It is when a cardholder chooses to formally cancel a charge on his/her credit card bill due to fraudulent use of the card number.
In any case of chargeback policy Walleto’s team will pay the authorized amount when the confirmation is received from the website about the purchase of the product. When the cardholder requests for a chargeback, the bank will not pay the amount but will direct the customer to the merchant for the claimed money.
Walleto provides a customer -friendly refund policy, which helps to regulate the administrative expenses. It cuts the amount of time spent researching customer inquires and the rate of chargeback disputes.
Walleto provides a customer -friendly refund policy, which helps to regulate the administrative expenses. It cuts the amount of time spent researching customer inquires and the rate of chargeback disputes.
No, but SSL certificate is highly recommended on merchant’s online store. However, it is completely a merchant’s decision whether he/she wants it or not. SSL certificate will protect its customer’s data and also improve the trustworthiness of a website’s identity as a merchant.

There are several common reasons for which the credit card might be declined. Here are few Common Reasons -

  • You typed your credit card number incorrectly.
  • You chose an incorrect expiration date.
  • Your card is not ready for online (Internet) transaction.
  • There is a "hold" on the card. This happens automatically when the credit card company sees a transaction they don't believe fits your normal buying pattern and are worried that it might be fraud.
  • There is some other type of problem with the credit card account. You may need to try a different credit card, or call your credit card issuing bank and ask them why the charge was declined.
Walleto highly recommad customers to consult with their card issuing authority about their online purchase before trying to make any online transaction.